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Rediff SongBuzz announces 10 of ’10, the top Bollywood songs of the year

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rediff SongBuzz announces 10 of ’10, the top Bollywood songs of the year

MUMBAI, India, December 22, 2010 – Rediff’s social music streaming service SongBuzz, which enables users to discover new music through people with similar taste in music, today announced their first 10 of ’10 list, the top 10 Bollywood songs of the year. The list is based on the songs that users have been streaming on the service. The ranking takes into account both traditional parameters like number of listeners and social parameters like number of times the song was shared, number of comments on the song etc.

SongBuzz 10 of ’10 ( http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/SongBuzz10of10 )

Tere Mast Mast Do Nain (Movie: Dabangg)

Overall Rank – 1; Listeners Rank* – 1 ; Social Rank** – 2

Dabangg, this year’s box office sensation is also the music chart topper. With Tere Mast Mast Do Nain, Salman Khan has won over the hearts of both Sonakshi Sinha and music lovers. The song was also quite popular among users looking to share good music.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Tere-Mast-Mast-Do-Nain-Dabangg

Munni Badnaam (Movie: Dabangg)

Overall Rank – 2; Listeners Rank – 3; Social Rank – 1

The song that reignited the “item number” trend this year is at #2. While Munni may have gotten a “bad name”, she surely managed to top the charts singing about it! Also, not surprisingly, this most shared and discussed song of the year.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Munni-Badnaam-Dabangg

Pee Loon – Once Upon A Time In Mumbai

Over All Rank – 3; Listeners Rank – 2; Social Rank – 4

Mohit Chauhan’s enchanting rendition of “Pee Loon”, with Pritam’s midas touch ensured that this song was one of the most played in the last year. It also had the highest number of plays on a single day during this time.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Pee-Loon

Shiela Ki Jawaani (Movie: Tees Maar Khan)

Overall Rank – 4; Listeners Rank – 5; Social Rank – 3

As the year drew to a close, just when the “Munni” effect was wearing off, along came a young “Shiela” to steal the limelight. With a catchy tune and a sizzling Katrina, this song saw a rapid ascent to the top in a very short time.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Shiela-Ki-Jawaani-Tees-Maar-Khan

Udi (Movie: Guzaarish)

Overall Rank – 5; Listeners Rank – 4; Social Rank – 7

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s grand creation Guzaarish had some great tunes too. Sunidhi Chauhan hit all the right notes with her fiery, spunky performance in Udi.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Udi-Guzaarish

Behene De (Movie: Raavan)

Overall rank – 6; Listeners Rank – 6; Social Rank – 6

While A R Rahman hasn’t quite had the success he is used to this year, you can hardly keep him out of a music top list. The emotional battle between “Raavan” and “Sita” is conveyed beautifully through this number, which ARR and Mani Ratnam fans gorged on gleefully.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Behene-De-Raavan

Dil To Bachcha Hai (Movie:Ishqiya)

Over All Rank – 7; Listeners Rank – 9; Social Rank – 5

Vishal Bharadwaj has consistently delivered memorable numbers over the years and he hasn’t failed this time either. As Naseeruddin Shah expresses his feelings towards a beautiful Vidya Balan, Dil to Bachcha Hai captured the imagination of music lovers everywhere. With some great lyrics by Gulzar, this song was also among the most discussed and shared during the year.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Dil-to-bachcha-hai-Ishqiya

Naav Chadhhti Lehrein (Movie: Udaan)

Overall rank – 8; Listeners Rank – 8; Social Rank – 8

Amit Trivedi delivers yet another memorable album albeit with an appeal to a niche audience. Though the overall listener count was low, the song had the most number of plays per user.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Naav-Chadhti-Lehrein

Gal Mitthi Mitthi (Movie: Aisha)

OverAll Rank – 9; Listeners Rank – 9; Social Rank - 10

Aisha was another scintillating soundtrack of the year and songs like Gal Mitthi Mitthi and Shaam striking the perfect chord with our users.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Gal-Mitthi-Mitthi

Aas Paas Khuda (Movie: Anjaana Anjaani)

Overall rank – 10; Listeners Rank – 10; Social Rank – 9

The dulcet beats of Aas Paas Khuda from Anjaana Anjaani, which also featured a bonus unplugged version, completes our 10 of ’10 list.

Listen to this song: http://songbuzz.rediff.com/songs/Aas-Paas-Khuda-Anjaana-Anjaani

*Listeners Rank: Based on the number of times the song has been played

**Social Rank: Based on the number of times the song was shared, commented on

Users can enjoy streaming more songs of their choice by visiting http://songbuzz.rediff.com or clicking on the Music icon on Rediff.com homepage.


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